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Care And Repair

Care Information

  • Wipe clean using only a soft dry cotton cloth to remove all oils and abrasives after wear. Do not use any chemicals or polishing cloth.
  • Store your 'De Bawa' box or pouch in a dry place away from humidity, moisture, and extreme temperature.
  • Avoid perfumes, salted, chlorine/chlorinated water and any other harsh chemicals.
  • Avoid wearing jewelry while bathing, and any surface water contacting your jewelry.

Repair Care

  • 'De Bawa' will repair any luxurious collection jewelry purchased through our website www.debawa.com.
  • Any repair before six months purchase will be free.
  • More than six months is subject to repair fee. Fee depends on the damage of the jewelry as well the availability of the material.
  • 'De Bawa' assures the quality of repairs, and 'De Bawa' handles repairs exclusively in repair center by our unique artisans. *Please Note* we don't offer/sell spare parts.