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Are You Tired of Your Closet?

We’ve all been there, we look at our closet and even though it can be nearly bursting with clothes, it feels like we have nothing to wear. When we encounter this, it can be easy to think that you have to get rid of everything that you have and treat yourself to a shopping spree. Though those are viable options, most of us can’t scrap our entire closet. However, we all can freshen up our style — and we can do this without breaking the bank!  Stick around to learn how to breath new life into your closet — without spending your life’s savings and be sure to shop DEBAWA for new exciting styles that you can’t find anywhere else! ...

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What is a Statement Necklace?

Welcome back to the De Bawa blog! In our last blog post — our very first —  we introduced our blog and what to expect on our upcoming blog posts. To learn more about what to expect on the De Bawa blog, read our last post, or stick around and learn how to wear a statement necklace best! What Makes a Statement Necklace? A statement necklace is pretty easy to identify. They are usually chunky, sparkly, and will grab your attention. They aren’t meant to blend into the rest of your outfit, but to, at the very least, complete it and maybe even be the centerpiece. Many statement necklaces sit on the collar and décolletage area. However, statement necklaces can...

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Welcome to the De Bawa Blog!

Welcome to the De Bawa blog! We are excited to unveil our new website and to offer fashion statement jewelry that is both luxurious and affordable. De Bawa’s trendy women’s jewelry is made for anyone looking to make a statement with their outfit. Whether you are looking for something that will set you apart at that next big special event or with your everyday look, De Bawa offers statement necklaces and earrings that are showstoppers and sure to make you feel fierce, beautiful, and put together. So, what can you expect on the De Bawa blog? Glad you asked! Highlight Newly Released Pieces & Best Sellers The De Bawa blog is the first place that you will hear about newly...

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